Unsung heroes: Ivone

Ivone came to the UK about five and a half years ago from the Madeira Islands (Portugal).

Her day starts early, catching two buses to Tidemill Academy, for 6.30am. Tidemill Academy is open for the children of key workers. From 6:30 – 09:00 Ivone and her colleagues clean the classrooms that are in use daily and once the children arrive, they focus on sanitising the rest of the academy. Due to coronavirus and social distancing, only three people clean the same room at the same time and they are always more than 2 metres apart from each other.

“JR&Co provided all the PPE and there are masks and gloves to work with. We are following the measures implemented to reduce the risk of contracting the virus”.

Ivone lives with her husband, her 16 years old son and her mother. Due to her mother’s pre-existing health conditions she takes strong precautions in her daily life. As she is the most exposed, Ivone runs the family errands on her way back from work so her family can stay indoors. Taking preventative measures such as covering her face, washing her hands and clothes as soon as she gets in, before taking care of her family. The Coronavirus has hugely impacted her family: her husband lost his job and Ivone must work every day to help her mentally and financially support her family.

Ivone, thank you for your amazing dedication and your essential role in keeping keyworker’s children safe during this difficult times.