Celebrating Living Wage Week

We are delighted to hear that the Real Living and London Living Wage are increasing to £9.50 and £10.85 per hour.

At JR&Co we always pay above the National Living Wage because we are focussed on the wellbeing of our people and our clients.

We pay more than the minimum legal amount because this totally changes the employer/employee relationship from one where the cleaner can take or leave a minimum wage job to one where we can train, motivate and incentivise the cleaner so we can achieve our aim of getting the most out of every hour of cleaning.

Paying our teams fairly also means they can afford the costs of living and working in London, feel appreciated and are more likely to become loyal, long-term team members.

In our experience paying the London Living Wage in particular results in satisfied staff deliver higher client satisfaction, higher retention, higher productivity and higher standards. JR&Co are proud to work with employers who pay their cleaning teams the London Living Wage including: