International Women's Day - Celebrating Sue Parker

Today is International Women's Day marking the perfect opportunity to celebrate Sue Parker, one of our Senior Operations Managers, and her amazing work keeping the schools we clean in the London Borough of Merton superbly safe and clean for 25 years. 

Celebrating Sue Parker

Sue began working on the Merton schools cleaning contract in 1996 and transferred to JR&Co in 2009 when we were awarded the contract.

Sue’s continual hard work and dedication to the schools, their pupils, stakeholders and her teams are remarkable.

Sue is passionate, reliable and consistently delivers the best cleaning and hygiene standards. In fact, Sue and her team have kept the schools we clean free from Norovirus outbreaks for over 11 years. 

Sue is cherished by her team, her JR&Co colleagues and friends and our clients. She regularly receives praise for her devotion and dedication to keeping the London Borough of Merton's schools sparkling clean and sanitised. 

In recognition of her contribution to keeping people safe, Sue was recently awarded an ‘Unsung Heroes Award’ and certificate of appreciation from Elliott Coburn, MP, for her contribution during the pandemic. 

Sue is also regularly nominated for JR&Co Star Awards by our clients thanks to her hard work and the fantastic standards she and her team deliver daily.  

“All is absolutely amazing. We cannot get any better than Sue.” 
- Paul Jones, Caretaker, Abbotsbury School 

“We are very happy with Sue and the team regarding the information and training videos delivered to staff about the best practices of cleaning. The meeting held this morning was very positive and it is reassuring to know JR&Co as a company are taking all the necessary steps to work smart and safe. I would like to nominate Sue for a JR&Co Star and the maximum voucher gift for all her hard work and support.” 
- Karen Wilkie, Contract Monitoring Officer, London Borough of Merton 

“Vida and Sue have been absolutely amazing with all that is going on. The response time has been second to none.” 
- Helen Robinson, Bursar, Ursuline Preparatory School 

“I am extremely happy with Sue and the team’s effort during the Covid-19 cleaning and information been passed over through the schools of Merton. The standards have been effective and consistent.” 
- Karen Wilkie, Contract Monitoring Officer, London Borough of Merton 

“On behalf of the Ursuline Community, I want to commend the Cleaning Team on the excellent work they have done through lockdown. Their consistency and dedication have been really appreciated. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks for all they have done.” 
- Julia Waters, Headteacher, Ursuline High School

“Sue and Brian are very supportive and always reliable.” 
- Serena McDonagh, Premises Manager, Immanuel and St. Andrew School 

“Sue is the 4th emergency service for Merton.” 
- Karen Wilkie, Contract Monitoring Officer, London Borough of Merton 

“I could easily have selected any core value - in fact she equally deserves nominations against any of or school core values of Love, Trust, Teamwork and Ambition. Sue is a magnificent leader who keeps in touch making sure that we have termly meetings at least to ensure that little opportunities for improvement are spotted early and standards driven up. She regularly surprises me by her who school view and being able to make helpful suggestions and improvements in non-core areas. I am aware that she has had a tough time recently but one would never know from her constant professional leadership.” 
- Tadhg Fahy, Business Manager, St Teresa's (RC) School 

“Sue Parker and her team worked extremely hard during the summer cleans to ensure the schools were completed. They showed commitment and took pride in the finished product.” 
- Karen Wilkie, Contract Monitoring Officer, London Borough of Merton 

“I would just like to say in writing how fantastic Sue has been over the whole time I have been working with her but particularly over the past few months. She must have been so busy but I always felt like her most important client!” 
- Helen Robinson, Bursar, Ursuline Preparatory School