A UNESCO World Heritage Site comprising of gardens and botanical glasshouses set across 326 acres in South West London. Founded in 1759, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is recognised as one of the most eminent centres for research and conservation in plant biodiversity in the world.

Public areas are open 363 days a year and receive over 1.8million visitors annually. This large and varied site includes: Laboratories; Educational centres; Arboretum and Herbarium; Children’s Care Centre; Glass Houses; Grade II listed Library with the invaluable national collection of plant samples; offices across 4 Grade I listed buildings and 36 Grade II listed buildings; Gate Kiosks; Restaurants; Retail Shop; Public Toilets; Theatre; Stable Yard (including mess room, workshops and stores); Art Gallery and Museum.

The varied nature of the buildings and the sensitivity and importance of the samples and cultivation meant that special consideration would be needed when it came to equipment, cleaning products and scheduling.

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