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Cycling to success


We supported our client Broadgate Estates by sponsoring its team for the grueling long-distance endurance cycling event. Ted Bowler, Broadgate Estates Associate Director – Surveying, and Ed Cree, Director of Asset Management for Canada Water at British Land, raised a total of over £30,000 for Club Peloton during Cycle to MIPIM 2017.

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A high-tech industry


When you think of the latest technological innovations, it’s fair to say that the cleaning industry may not be the first to spring to mind. But while others in this sector have been slow to adapt to and adopt new technologies, we are proud to be blazing the trail with our passionate approach to innovation. We do this because innovative new working practices directly benefit our clients, improving the quality, efficiency, transparency and security of our service.

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The Value of Apprentices


We embrace apprenticeship programmes here at Julius Rutherfoord, and are delighted to have had many positive and successful placements. Previous apprentices in our marketing and finance departments have completed their programmes and gone on to become highly valued permanent members of staff. We currently have an HR apprentice, who is halfway through her business admin placement, and five operations manager apprentices working through Level Three Diplomas in Management.

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Do cleaner schools achieve higher grades?


The link between a clean, hygienic environment and productivity is gaining more and more recognition. Here at Julius Rutherfoord, we’ve known for some time that meticulous cleaning standards set the scene for the perfect teaching and learning environment, and we know this goes a long way to helping pupils achieve their goals.

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Ending Modern Slavery


The Home Office estimates there are 13,000 victims and survivors of modern slavery in the UK. This is a truly astonishing and disturbing statistic. Tough new penalties have been introduced under the UK’s 2015 Modern Slavery Act to tackle this problem.

The pioneering legislation gives police officers and other enforcement agencies the tools they need to crack down on employers exploiting and enslaving workers, and to support victims.

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Closing the productivity gap


A fascinating review of workplace productivity in the UK was published in December 2016. It taps into so much of what we are trying to achieve at Julius Rutherfoord. The Stoddart Review investigates why the office environment is key to productivity and how workplaces can contribute to the success of an organisation. According to the review, if just a one percent productivity gain could be achieved across the UK macroeconomy, it would add almost £20 billion to our national output.

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Security in Cleaning


Companies like Julius Rutherfoord must take responsibility for the security and safety of their staff. As well as the security threat of employing workers without proper security vetting, there is also the risk of their exploitation, blackmail and even enslavement by corrupt company owners.

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