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Investing in Innovation


This year, the recently launched Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (previously BIFM) has introduced a new category to its annual awards – for ‘Innovation in Supplier Relationships.’ The award aims to “recognise truly collaborative business relationships and working practices as business models evolve”. 

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2018 A Year in Secure Commercial Cleaning


A year in review…Providing exceptional service through secure commercial cleaning® expertise

As we approach the end of 2018, many organisations are reviewing what they have achieved and planning fresh goals and priorities for the new year. At Julius Rutherfoord & Co we are passionate about seeking ways to enhance our business, to consistently provide clients with expert service and an outstanding customer experience.

This year we made significant changes, starting 2018 with a rebrand focussed on how we deliver secure commercial cleaning® to our customers. Security is an issue that every organisation, large and small, must take seriously to protect people and reputation and we know how important it is to our clients’ business.

Learn how we have embraced continuous improvement and innovation in secure commercial cleaning to deliver award-winning, best practice to our clients and continue to create social value in the work we do. 

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Training to Exceed Expectations


No matter how much experience an organisation and its staff have, there is always room to learn more. Very few elements of business activity remain static in the modern commercial environment, and we know how important it is to our clients that we provide ongoing expert service.

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8 Practical tips for a perfect premises throughout autumn... come rain or shine


The changing colours of the leaves during autumn are a beautiful sight and have inspired famous paintings and poetry. However, the season also brings more unsettled weather, meaning extra steps need to be taken to protect workplaces and people. Read our blog to discover our 8 practical tips for a perfect premises.

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Our latest guide provides invaluable insight into expert management of people and places


Exceptional service is crucial to any organisation and should be the primary focus of any outsourcing relationship, underpinned by expert management of the contract delivery. We work hard to raise professional standards and deliver best practice in the cleaning and FM industry. That’s why we’ve created a guide to expert management, so that our clients and prospects can be secure in the knowledge that we understand their needs and are focused on providing service excellence.

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Watch our new videos to see how we put your premises in safe hands


We’re the secure commercial cleaning® experts – and we make sure our staff, systems and technology ensure clients are in safe hands. To highlight just how meticulous our security procedures are, we’ve created two short videos showcasing our staff vetting procedures and systems for security on our client sites.

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Introducing our free guide: A Secure Approach to Workplace Sustainability


The importance of taking green actions and minimising the amount of materials that end up in landfill or polluting our oceans has been stimulated by recent media coverage. From our experience of providing professional cleaning services to some of the most prestigious organisations across London, we recognise that they care about their impact on the environment and that sustainable thinking is fundamental to their business.


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Facilities fit for royalty


Facilities fortunate enough to be showcased as part of the upcoming Royal Wedding will need to be of immaculate standard. We know first-hand how important it is for prestigious organisations to have facilities that are fit for royalty. Many of our clients run high profile sites of historical, cultural, educational or charitable importance – such as Kew Gardens, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and United Grand Lodge of England – and have been honoured with royal visits.

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Supporting every walk of life


As well as being successful in business, the prestigious organisations that we work in partnership with recognise they can make a positive impact on society. This can involve measures including investing in the well-being of staff, providing the London Living Wage, or championing charitable causes. Corporate social responsibility is at the root of their business and it’s also at the heart of ours

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Embracing innovation to meet exacting requirements


We see first-hand that the facilities managers we partner with work tirelessly to overcome daily challenges, and ensure their sites are fit for purpose and run effortlessly. Issues they face include high-traffic levels, duty of care matters, managing multiple service providers, safeguarding the building and the people within it, and the arrangement of multiple functions and events to name but a few.

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